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Ace Camp | Suzanne Northcott | Puglia + Basilicata Italy

The Ace Camp with Suzanne Northcott + Tonio Creanza -  (from Messors)


Let the adventure begin.

The motorcycle rider above escorted us to our trulli - we had a few days to hang out before the workshop began at the Masseria La Selva  The owners of the trulli we were staying in - located just outside of Locorotondo - greeted us with food and wine, which, seriously, is a nice touch for weary travellers who has just arrived in Italy and have a tad of jet lag. 

There are no words to express how beautiful the Masseria la Selva is - so, I'll say it in photos. 

The food was incredible and the week was jam packed with learning about the area and visiting Matera, Gravina, Altamura, Francis Ford Coppola's hotel in Bernalda, walking with a sheep herder, sketching in fields of wheat, fresco making, wine tasting by the sea, a cheese making demonstration, learning to bake focaccia at a local bakery, an olive oil lecture, lunches outside at the masseria + in fields with a view of Matera and even - most fantastic - a dinner in an underground cave church with live music.  

Oh, and the lunch at a local restaurant in Altamura was a lot of fun...great food, fennel liquor, walnut liquor, lively server, lively group.

I probably missed something - there was so much!

This type of adventure doesn't come around that often. 

 As I feel asleep the night before the final travel day I could hear some of the girls dancing and singing to Bob Marley in the dining room with the music full blast.

It was awesome. 


A huge thank you to Tonio Creanza, Suzanne off to Goteborg, Sweden and the Ace Camp with Camilla Engman.