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My stay in Oaxaca was amazing. It was the perfect balance of activities and exploration. Thank you for being so gracious, informed, flexible, and fun! You (Alison) are so fun to be with and I would not hesitate to take another ACE Camp with you as the leader. Thanks, also, for letting me tag along with you. - Gail Hall

This, my first ACE Camp, surpassed all expectations.  I was delighted and engaged with all of the programming.  At first, I thought there would be too much unstructured "down" time, but there were so many options and suggestions on things to do, and lovely people to do them with, that it all felt just right. - Cris Jaffe

Very informative tour, showing different aspects of history and present life in Cuba. Great guide with extensive knowledge of everything Cuban and passion to show the best the country can offer. - Rafal Szalowski

I had such a wonderful time in Oaxaca.  You (Alison) are a fantastic tour leader.  Thank you for helping to make it one of the most memorable trips I've taken.  I just signed up for the Santa Fe trip in August. - Terry Epstein

Alison, I wanted to let you know that your food was amazing in Lisbon!  It was one of my favorite parts of the trip!  I realized that when I got home, the thing I missed from vacation the most was not having to plan or cook a single meal.  Thanks again for all your delicious dishes! - Kristen Dettoni

I can't believe how much I loved the trip with ACE CAMPS to Swaziland. I felt so *myself* on this trip, and expanded in the best way.  Thank you so so much for actually bringing this to life. - Karen Park

Angela, Oaxaca was amazing! I am so in love with that city. Thanks for planning a great trip. Rocio was so fun! - Natasha Tosh

Angela, I wanted to, again, thank you for the trip & tour to Mexico City.  As a totally inexperienced traveller you extended to me every courtesy, insuring that I had a terrific time.  It is easy to understand why so many of the women are repeat members of your tours.  - Trish Schneider

...just looking at some memories of Marrakech, such a fabulous fabulous time I had. You were so kind in many extra considerations for me, I particularly enjoyed the 'rather loose' organization of the days, I felt I could do just as I pleased in the midst of your carefully laid plans. Riad Majalla was perfection - location, friendly, creative decor, quiet, clean, the best. - Beverley Merrifield

I really enjoyed meeting Aran this weekend, it was so much fun! Whistler was the perfect place to learn about all things food, styling, and photography, in my opinion! I thought the workshop was structured really well, as far as moving to different locations each day, instruction vs. practice, etc. Thanks to Aran for being so generous with her knowledge, it was an experience I won't forget! - Megan Mitchell

I was just looking at your site and the future workshops you are preparing!! I´d love to join everyone, oh god! I also stayed a while looking at the photos of our great experience in Goteborg last year, and I have to confess I got emotional remembering all the wonderful days we´ve spent with Camilla and all the girls. I think is one of the best experiences I will ever live. - Angela Corti

Thank-you so much for arranging such a wonderful experience, in a beautiful location, with amazing teacher's and helpful hosts! Mary did such an amazing job with the meals - she did not let us lift a finger! Being of mother of 4 and active volunteer, I am not used to being served. You are surely making a difference in the lives of many women, including myself. I felt so good after this trip, more than any other workshop or trip I have taken, ever! I've been to Greece, London, etc, but this trip was just *magical*! Sabrina was absolutely incredible. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and will forever remember this journey and hope to one day join in again on another Ace Camp's life-changing adventure! - Lia Kent

Just got back! Thanks again Angela for the best time ever - I cannot recommend ACE camps highly enough - or wait for our next adventure! Thanks again - Cora Murphy

I LoVeD every minute of Tif’s Dottie Angel Workshop as I have been a fan of hers for awhile. Walking into our “Crafting” house, we were transported to “Dottie Angel” land. Angela chose Very Gorgeous places for us to stay at and work all day and night at…adored the B&B, had the grandest time staying way past our bedtime talking to my London roomie…now a life long friend.All the gals taking Tif’s workshop were of Kindred Spirits. Loved it all! Will remember this Perfect Weekend Forever - Stacy Suzuki

What an amazing 10 days!!! Truly life changing...Thank you, thank you, thank you - Sarah Herring Berghardt

Angela, thank you so much for organizing this retreat -it was an absolutely amazing experience - Leanna Manning

Angela, just want you to know that the week spent in the Baja with your ACE Camp was truly one of the best weeks of my life! So much fun, so incredibly organized, fabulous food and perfect comfort in all the places we stayed. You worked so hard yet never stressed , always upbeat and fun! It was also a great mix of interesting activity and time to relax. I also believe that the friendships I made in that week will last a life time. The decision I made to go on that trip was the best one I made all year! Thank you again Angela, I look forward to future explorations with you!- Marty Riley

THANK YOU for an amazing, amazing experience. It was so wonderful in every way -- Camilla couldn't have been more generous and kind (she's a wonderful teacher), the other participants were awesome and Mary was just great. I felt so lucky to have shared a room with her! It wouldn't have been nearly as good if I had had my own room, so thank you for encouraging me to come and share! - Anna Harlan

My week in Iceland with Angela, and the amazing group she gathered, was absolutely the highlight of my year. And that's saying something since I already travel for a living! The organization was flawless, the food fabulous and the feeling sublime. I learned a lot, and had a great balance of relaxing and adventure. And, honestly, I haven't laughed so much in, well, forever. I would absolutely recommend an ACE Adventure - you won't regret it! I can't wait for my next opportunity to join another! - Martina Clark

Thanks Angela! You and Jessica had a pretty major role in the trip being amazing! I loved the whole set-up of the trip — the small size of the group, the beautiful hotel, the unique experiences of Baobab, Lotta’s workshop, Gone Rural and the Safari, the flexibility of the schedule and your quiet confidence for making decisions for the group. We were so spoiled at Mogi, Vickery’s and Malendalas where the food was so fresh and delicious. - Kris Ruff

Angela did an outstanding job as host, guide, organizer, planner, chef (her lunches were amazing!) and all round coordinator. Angela is truly gifted at what she does, her open and generous spirit helped bond the group in a way where we all walked away feeling like we had known each other much longer than just a week. Her flexible and down to earth approach to travel was reassuring and made for a relaxed and spontaneous trip that was one of the best things I've done for myself ever! I cant say enough about Ace Camps and would highly recommend them to anyone - Kristen Donegan

My teenage daughter and I attended a workshop with Sabrina Ward Harrison in Seattle, and it was amazing. The great food, the terrific company and the creativity spilled everywhere! Everything was beautifully organized and every detail was perfectly thought through. Kudos to Angela!! Thank you - Julie Clark

I had the pleasure of attending the Art Workshop in Pescadero, Baja , Mexico with Suzanne Northcott in November 2009 and it was simply the best trip of my life. It was a coming together of like minded women in a perfect setting and it was truly magical. Angela took care of all of our needs and my only task was to enjoy the company, the art, the food, and the adventures. She made sure that we had everything we needed including stuffing snacks in our bags as we headed out for our flights home! Angela, thank you for an amazing journey where I have made friendships that will last a lifetime - Karen Dodd

Thanks Angela! I think you and Jessica had a pretty major role in the trip being amazing! I loved the whole set-up of the trip — the small size of the group, the beautiful hotel, the unique experiences of Baobab, Lotta’s workshop, Gone Rural and the Safari, the flexibility of the schedule and your quiet confidence for making decisions for the group. The misadventure with the van was benign and makes for a good memory. My only regret is that I didn’t get my palm read! I too hope our paths will cross again. I have a feeling there will be more ACE camps in my future. - Kris Ruff

THANK YOU for a wonderful trip. It was certainly an adventure and you and Jess did a great job planning.  The experience at Baobab was a once-in-a-life time and such a great group of women, too. The hotel was fabulous. - Megan Kiely

It was great to spend the week with all of you and get to know you and laugh a lot! And Bryan and Hiro made me feel right at home in Japan. Please thank them again for all they did. I know I’ve not eaten as well since! - Kara Aley

Our guide Javier was so knowledgeable, gracious, kind and understanding of all of our needs and wants. This trip was coordinated SO well. Traveling around in the cars was such a fun experience and our drivers were just lovely. Loved having Angela there to be able to help coordinate. - Faye Gatterman

The Jaipur 2017 trip was phenomenal! I really had no idea how much fun it could be. The hotel, its food and service, and the other restaurants and bars were outstanding–beautiful places and memorable experiences. Printing with Heather Moore was great! She created such a positive environment to play. I kindof liked the fact that we didn't have much time to work through our pieces. It helped me be less precious about things and "just make stuff. - Kate Newsom

Excellent.  I loved the mixture of being taught things I could replicate at home (lino cutting and printing), and things which I could not possibly do at home (Bagru!).  Learning about block printing in India was a wonderful way of learning about India.  Kicking off with the Anokhi museum and Brigitte Singh, to learn the history and see the craft in its highest form, was inspired.
Heather as a teacher was wonderful, both because she is an amazing teacher who carefully and patiently took us through the basics before upping the stakes, but also because she is such an inspiring designer herself. - Hannah Cleaton-Roberts

I wanted to thank both of you so much for the wonderful Ace Camp experience in Lisbon. I had been looking forward to it for so long and it absolutely delivered on my expectations, and then some! It was really a treat to get to know both of you and learn so much about block printing and Lisbon. Even though I design all day most days, stepping outside of my comfort zone of the computer and working with my hands in a different capacity was really empowering, and I'm really grateful for the experience and excited to continue this practice in the coming months. Thank you for your extensive preparation to make it such a successful and enjoyable camp. Also, thank you so much for accommodating my diet. I know it can be a pain, and it's really highly appreciated. (Ace Camp Lisbon/Heather Moore) - Catherine Ray

It was so great to be able to meet you and join your Ace Camp Ireland trip! I had an amazing time and loved getting to know everyone. You really put together a great group of women and an amazing experience! - Stephanie Marriot

I just got back home and there are just simply no words for how amazing it all was - camilla, mary, the workshop, our fun group of girls, gothenburg, marstrand, the food, the shopping...all absolutely AMAZING!! i loved every minute of it & i hope i get to do it again next year!! thank you so SO much for putting together such wonderful workshops & excursions! Thank you ooodles & ooodles for all the time & energy you devote in creating such wonderful experiences for all of us out here! just amazing! - Jenny Kalpinski

Thank you so much for organizing such an amazing weekend with Aran in Whistler. Your itinerary couldn't have been any better! Nothing beats learning something new in a beautiful setting with great people and delicious food. On the drive home my mind was brimming with the possibility of creative things ahead for me. It just doesn't get better than that. So thanks again for being so good at what you do. - Marnie Toulsen

I traveled from Denver to Seattle to attend an amazing Sabrina Ward Harrison True Living Project art journaling workshop, hosted by Angela Ritchie Ace Camps. I've wanted to do something like this for many years, and my first art workshop completely exceeded my expectations (and trust me when I say I knew in advance I'd have a wonderful time traveling to Seattle to spend a weekend creating). The weekend was well-organized, the meals were amazing, and Angela was a terrific hostess. The creative experience, connecting with like-minded individuals, and finally, the wonderful meals and overall hospitality made for an unforgettable weekend - Nicole Hess

I just wanted to THANK YOU for such a wonderfully inspiring weekend.  Every part of it was delightful from hearing Aran's journey to watching her passion for food and cooking unfold to the joy she takes in photographing it. She was generous with sharing herr wisdom and talents with us all. - Julie Cove

It was just what I needed and was yearning for after a year of school without creative activities.  It's what kept me going from the spring onward, knowing I has this wonderful event to look forward to.

I certainly learned A LOT too.  There is sooo much to know, I don't think you ever stop learning.

Angela's ACE camps are pure brilliance in motion! She brings together people who share a passion, unites them with her infectious spirit, and weaves together a newfound family through great food, conversation and ideas. She just gets it, and with her light touch, makes sure everyone involved gets it as well. If Angela's hosting it, I'm in! - Powell Berger

The Dottie Angel craft workshop was incredible. It was so well organized and just the right number of people so everyone connected so well. A weekend of good crafting, good meals together and lasting connections. Thank you Angela for an experience beyonds words - Rita Silauri

I've attended two of Angela's camps, now, and find myself constantly checking her website for the list of what I might adventure into next in future camps. I can't say enough good things about them - and now proclaim myself officially addicted! Not only is Angela's home-cooked food comforting and delicious, but the venues are always gorgeous and perfectly suited for the workshops, and the artists are spectacular and so amazing! I always come home so inspired and content - I can't recommend these workshops enough! - Michelle Clement 

I had such a great time in PEI and am so glad that I decided to do this. Sabrina was so inspiring, the location was relaxing and beautiful, and the food was soo good. I was just really impressed with how everything came together. So thank you! - Nicole Dumas

It was a truly inspiring, free, and restful time. Thank you again for organizing such a special workshop. Mary and Leanna were wonderful in so many ways, delicious food, roaring fires, and great conversation. The workshop with Sabrina felt so suited to where we stayed, there was plenty to explore and be inspired by. Thanks again! - Jessica Herman

Angela puts on a fabulous weekend feeds us amazingly delicious food, much of it alkaline in nature which is my liking, and beautifully presented! Thank you so very much Angela!! - Julie Cove

Angela I just wanted to say how much I loved this workshop. It exceeded my expectations and will be signing up for more! - Selah Davenport

Angela Ritchie's Ace Camp took me to a part of the world I never would have visited, and allowed me to learn from an artist I never would have dreamed of meeting otherwise. A fantastic concept, exquisitely executed by all parties involved. I was enamored by our accommodations, satiated by the specially prepared meals, and thoroughly charmed by our gifted instructor (Geninne Zlatkis). This was my first experience with Angela Ritchie's ACE Camps but I'm sure it won't be my last. - Irene Silva