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Ace Camp | Aran Goyoaga | Whistler, British Columbia

Well, well, well.... A most fabulous group of 12 people headed to my hometown for a workshop in food styling and photography with Aran Goyoaga a few weekends ago.

Our first day was at a private home where everyone had the opportunity to share in the process of cooking some of the food used for the photo shoots. 

The next day we heading to North Arm Farm in Pemberton followed by a picnic in the high alpine of Whistler Mountain. 

On the third day of the workshop we shopped at the farmer's market for food to use during the afternoon shoot and headed to the Alta Lake house for our final day. Farm in the valley against the backdrop of Mount Currie, gondola ride to the top of Whistler mountain, walk to Alta Lake and shopping at the Whistler Farmer's Market - such a fantastic Ace Camp we had! 

Posted below are some of the photos showing you our journeys and workshop and listed below are the participant who took the images. 

Aran wanted the participants (those who had websites and blogs) to post a story - here is my story...

A HUGE thank you to Aran Goyoaga and Nadia Dole - Aran's assistant, and quite frankly as it turned out mine as well -  for coming to Whistler and sharing your excellent work and vision.

Megan Fleiner" >
image: Megan Fleiner

image: Megan Fleiner

slideshow images:  Anna Naphtali

On the second day we got on a bus and headed to Pemberton and North Arm Farm.

image: Anna Naphtali

image: Anna Naphtali

image: Mardi Michels

image: Mardi Michels

top row / Eva Dailberl / Mardi Michels / Melissa Quantz - bottom row / Melissa Quantz / Megan Mitchell / Megan Mitchell

images: Eva Dailberl

images: Eva Dailberl

We took the gondola to the top of Whistler Mountain and ventured to our picnic spot and while Nadia made a fabulous heirloom tomato salad the girls took various food shots in the woods. (If you are on Instagram you can see more photos at #acecampwhistler) Everyone helped carrying our supplies as we walked in the mountains feeling like characters out of a movie - like The Sound of Music or something....

top: Melissa Quantz / middle: Melissa Quantz / bottom:  Jodi Moreno

On the 3rd day we headed to the Whistler Farmer's Market for a photo shoot.  Aran, Nadia and I bought some produce for our lake house lesson while the girls walked around taking some pretty awesome shots.  Here are a few in a slideshow.

We hopped in some taxis and heading off to Alta Lake and following a 10 minute walk along the Valley Trail we made it to the Alta Lake House.  This house is not accessible by car and is used for workshops and other programs in Whistler.  It was a beautiful day on the lake that day and the light at the house and the dock was perfect for food photography.