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There's something about...Patron Saints - starting with St. Christopher

It started with my search this morning to find out why the Catholic church decided not to have St. Christopher as a Patron Saint of travel anymore - and it lead to finding out about all the different patron saints I've never heard of.

Let's start with the blog - Ask Sister Mary Martha - Life is tough. But Nuns are Tougher. If you need help ask Sister Mary Martha.

St. Clare - Patron Saint of Television and Embroiderers.

St. Clare - Patron Saint of Television and Embroiderers.

Sister Mary Martha has an Etsy site on her blog and there I found St. Clare who is the Patron Saint of "couch potatoes" - that is what it says. She is also the Patron Saint of Goldsmiths and St. Francis of Assisi's best friend.

The Weight Watchers charm bracelet

The Weight Watchers charm bracelet

Above is a bracelet made of various charms to help give you hope to losing weight - there is St. Thomas Aquinas who cut a semicircle out of his table so his stomach would fit, St. Catherine of Sienna who survived for months at a time on only the Host and St. Lawrence who roasted to death on a grill. That's him on the medal holding his grill.

As you can imagine all this makes me wonder why those in charge of such issues decided that St. Christopher could not longer be a Patron Saint of Travel.  What did he do? Why would they take away a Saint who was so trusted?

sc - 1.jpg

 Apparently, he never lived.

In 1969, the Church took a long look at all the saints on its calendar to see if there was historical evidence that that saint existed and lived a life of holiness. In taking that long look, the Church discovered that there was little proof that many "saints", including some very popular ones, ever lived. Christopher was one of the names that was determined to have a basis mostly in legend - Catholic Online.

Andy Warhol  |  St. Apollonia  |  Patron Saint of Dentists

Andy Warhol  |  St. Apollonia  |  Patron Saint of Dentists

Still, what is a Patron Saint?



Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

Faith?  Maybe.

Faith is complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

So, maybe...the someone is the Patron Saint. You have complete faith that your chosen Patron Saint will help you. Nothing wrong with that - even if they were legendary, like Christopher. IMO.

St. Benedict of Nursia  |  St. Drogo  |  St. Sebastian

St. Benedict of Nursia  |  St. Drogo  |  St. Sebastian

A Patron Saint (and truly, I don't know if I have to capitalize Patron Saint but I do)...a Patron Saint like, let's say, St. Benedict of Nursia he's there to provide help and faith to spelunkers; St. Drogo, why, he is the Patron of coffee houses, unattractive people, midwives, mute persons, and cattle; St. Sebastian - get this - the Patron Saint of hardware stores and last but not least (I couldn't find an image for him) - Saint Drausinus, the Patron Saint of invincible people. Oh, there are many, many more.

So what of St. Christopher - Sister Mary Martha says "I'm glad that St. Joseph is the patron saint of travel since St. Christopher is kaput."

St. Joseph is it.