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Angela searches the world wide web - February 27, 2012

chance - 1.jpg
chance - 2.jpg

images: photographer - Jody Rogac; model - Dani Griffiths

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image: Elenore Hendricks

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Chance Co. videos

Eye-Contact tumblr.

When a character in a movie looks straight into the camera, you somehow feel them looking at you, as if they are no longer part of the movie. On the tumblr-blog eye contact someone is collecting these screens of famous movies.(warning: It's kind of creepy)

le petit soldat.jpg

from the film: Le Petit Soldat


The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

You Dont messwiththe zohan.jpg

You Don't Mess With The Zohan

The book series by Lena Corwin and Maria Alexandra Vettese

Journal of Plants - the idea started from the two of us being new gardeners and being fascinated by what was sprouting up from the dirt this past spring. i felt the need to catalog what was growing and we started taking snapshots of clippings from our little gardens… that grew into a bigger idea of cataloging the plants we see while traveling (my trip to paris and maria’s to san francisco), and how we keep plants in our homes.

journalof plants - 3.jpg

image: Lena Corwin

journalof plants - maria.jpg

image: Maria Alexandra Vettese

The Lines & Shapes artist book series - The Artist Series - published by Lines & Shapes include collaborations with Jennifer Causey, Lena Corwin, Karen Gelardi, Christopher Ryan, Jim Green, Meg Mateo Ilasco, Jane & Jeremy...and so many more you'll have to head over and have a look yourself. The artist selections and designs of the books are a clean and beautiful aesthetic and if that's what you like - you'll love these publications.

lines&shapes - 700 maria.jpg

image: Maria Alexandra Vettese

Then...spending time with Maria and Lena and going through the artist series (SO interesting and taking a WAY long time) I discovered (among the many, all super talented artists) THUSS + FARRELL and their travel series. Oh my.

thussandfarrel - 1.jpg

Paris, Laduree

thussandfarrel - 2.jpg

Drawing daddy

thussandfarrel - 3.jpg

Jamaica, diving

Jane & Jeremy - This lovely young couple from Liverpool hand-sew utterly sweet books in small editions, which consist mainly of their own whimsical snapshots. They are a perfect example of packaging making all the difference between wanting to pick up a book, or not. Their most recent book, Having a Wonderful Time in Europa (pictured), is an edition of 60 that slips into a map of Europe that they‘ve stitched into an envelope. Another small book, XXX, features a soft pink cover, the contents consisting of Polaroids snapped at the moment that the two leads in Hollywood films kiss. This year’s fair was also their first time visiting New York, and their enthusiasm for being there was totally infectious.

janejeremy - 2.jpg
janejeremy - 1.jpg

Palm Springs

janejeremy - 3.jpg

image: via Baiser Mag

...and speaking of Baiser Mag - check out this interview.

Miura-ori and how to fold it.jpg

DIY - The Miura-ori and how to fold it. The Miura-ori is a method for folding up a sheet such that it can be opened or closed in one smooth motion. I've spared you the .gif but believe's a good one. This DIY is via and discovered on Pinterest. I am totally addicted to Pinterest and feel I have to pin 10 things before I begin my day or I'm missing something - I wish the same thing happened to me and yoga.'s a good website for those of you that like indigo called - Growing Indigo. I'll send you right to the flipcard so you can get the best all at once. Check it out - here.

indigo - 2.jpg
onehelloworld - 4 230.jpg

Described as “PostSecret for the ears” by Paste Magazine, One Hello World is a collection of voicemails set to their own soundtrack created by an anonymous composer. Callers from across the world participate by dialing One Hello World’s voicemail and sharing their story. The result is a musical compilation giving listeners a cross-section of the human experience. With the help of a successful Kickstarter project, a 30-track debut album, The Listener is set to be released in late March.