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Angela searches the world wide web - February 13, 2012

Photographer of the week: Spanish photographer -

Nacho Alegre

, founder and co-director of



Man, this guy is good.

nachoallegre - 1 - peachesgeldolf.jpg

Pixie Geldoff

nachoallegre - 2 - russianred.jpg
nachoallegre - 2.jpg
nachoallegre - blkwht.jpg
nachoallegre - collage.jpg



Bjorn Rune Lie

from Norway captured my attention this week. Since graduating from University College Falmouth in 2001, his images have appeared on milk cartons, magazine covers, text books and album covers across the globe.

Flowers of Evil flat.png
bjornrlie 2.jpg


Bjorn Lie

Then I think of Norway and see this photo - who's photo credit I can't find for the life of me - which makes me want to go to Norway and hang out in a fjord.

norway fjord.jpg

Then I wanted this postcard from

Yeehaw Industries



Full-time jobs take up a lot of time, so how do you make room for creativity between all your various obligations and errands?

Diego Gimenez

solved the problem by mixing his photography habit with his morning commute.

diego giminez - highway portraits - 1.jpg
diego giminez - highway portraits - 2.jpg
diego giminez - highway portraits - 3.jpg

I thought this article -

The Animal People Have Always Been There

- written in

The Journal


Camilla Engman's work

was well written and helps us to better understand Camilla's world of Animal People. (You do know that there is an

Ace Camp in Sweden with Camilla in May

- there are spots left if you want to come.


“I was born and raised in Oregon, living in the suburbs and developing nicely as a loud nerd who drew dragons.” So begins Cari Vander Yacht’s online biography.


I know. This post is way late. I've been super-uber busy. :)