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Angela searches the world wide web - January 30, 2012

As I searched the world wide web this week I was all over the map - looking at little cabins in the mountains in Japan, heading over to Santiago, Chile to learn more about Karen Barbe, seeing the world through the lens of Marco Van Duyvendijk - a Dutch photographer with a portfolio full of photos from Georgia, Hong Kong, Romania + other interesting countries. I spent some time checking out the artists and their work over at Ashes & Milk and you'll learn how to make paper boat hats.

If you like little cabins this is the website for you - Cabin Porn. Cabin Porn is edited by the folks at Beaver Brook and submissions come from all over the world.

Here are a few.

image: Hut in Niigata prefecture, Japan by Karissa Seltz

image: Forest Lodge in Siberia by Vasin Valery

image: The Floating House by MOS Architects rests on steel pontoons in Lake Huron. Photo by Florian Holzherr

Karen Barbe is a textile designer, embroiderer and weaver from Santiago, Chile. Her blog features original photos of the processes of her work, tutorials, her life in Chile, as well as a bit of nostalgia as in the photos below.

The workshop of a shoe repairer - a shop Karen covets, a photographic story about a man who has worked as a cobbler for the last 33 years and the lost art of shoe repair.

Karen hand weaves cushions - you may have seen them around.

Her embroidery sampler:

I got lost in her world for sure this week - you should definitely swing by and have a look at her beautiful photography. Believe me, grab a coffee or tea before you head over as I think you'll spend some time there.

DIY of the week - How to make a newspaper hat. (I know...silly, but for some reason this week the art of paper folding hats and the search for instructions was kind of fun)

image: kyka photography

Love the photography by Dutch photographer - Marco Van Duyvendijk

Ashes & Milk - an online collective of traditional techniques of art and craft with a modern touch. Their blog has photos of the artists at work along with interviews and discussions.

Daisuke Tajika hand forging Japanese scissors and shears at Tajika Haruo Ironworks.

A hemp bag by Tracy Hachler and Indigo Dyed Cotton Cloth by Roland Ricketts III.

I'll be announcing two new Ace Camps this week - both of which I'm super stoked about. :)