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People that amaze - Toino Abel

Batixa is one of my favorite tumblrs and that is where I discovered the work created at Toino Abel, a traditional reed basket design company from Portugal. Every step of the work is done by hand. I have often thought that I would like to do a series of tradition crafting - lost or forgotten crafts and after reading how this process was passed on from Nuno Henriques's grandfather - and that he is concerned that the tradition of reed basket making won't endure I thought I'd pass on his work.

The photos speak for themselves.

If you wish the baskets are available for sale - and at $60 they are well worth the cost to support a tradition.

I love the staff photos and if this is something that interests you head over to the Toina Abel flickr page - it's truly amazing and delightful.
Angela RitchieComment