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Angela searches the world wide web - January 23, 2012

Artist, photographer and film maker Jeana Sohn visits creative, inspiring and stylish ladies' closets and shows us on her website - Closet Visit. (be prepared to spend some time here if you like this sort of thing...)

This week I had my search on to find out about Gansey fisherman sweaters. I think is was something about the wool used or the meaning of the various stitches that I liked. Not sure, really, just like them so went on a search to find out more.

Be sure not to miss the conversation over at Men Who Knit about knitting sheaths, twisted yarn, book suggestions and the Gansey Fest. (I just love that men have a knitting website) Head over to Stitched & Stitched, if you're interested, and find out more about the Meanings of the Patterns used on Traditional Ganseys.

I found some Vintage Ski Sweaters that I wanted to share. Check out the waist of the woman in the first photo. Seriously. No photoshop in those days - just different bodies.

whoannellie / jessjamesjake / discotheque / 1849

The Sisters of St. Rupertsberg - an under the radar all girl group.

John Hinde (who had a life that is a subject for a whole other story one day) was a pioneer in colour photography and by the 1960s was running one of the world's most successful postcard publishers. These pictures were taken for his firm during the Butlin's Holiday Camp's heyday and were captured in a book called - Our True Intent Is All for Your Delight: The John Hinde Butlin’s Photographs.

Billy Butlin was the Canadian founder who first got the idea for his holiday camps from the Eaton's staff camps he witnessed as a young man. They were a place for working class people to go for vacation, complete with high excitement and low cost.

The camps advertising slogan was: Our True Intent Is All For Your Delight - which is awesome, really!

Tumblr of the week is The Golden Tummy - a gathering of images from David Neale who is also a goldsmith who designed the work below which I covet.

On The Golden Tummy I discovered the art of Payton Cosell Turner and her collaboration with Brian Kaspr on Flat Vernacular. If you like an explosion of pattern, color and texture you'll get lost in their tumblr. (like I did - when I'm suppose to get on with my work)

Photo of the week: Sannah Kvist

Have a great week of January 23rd.
Get outside + adventure. (that's me talking to myself)