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Angela searches the world wide web - January 10, 2012

Good Monday to you.

I found these pretty special photos of coffee.

image: Duygu Kandis

image: Ron Gunzburger

image: David Robson - if you want to see some serious latte art you should head over here.

365 Lucky Days is a blog dedicated to creating art everyday for, well, 365 days.

Lucky Jackson who is the artist and creator of the project also sells her work - and it's selling quite quickly over here.

I spent a fair bit of time checking out the antique books over at Rabelais - fine books on food and drink - a website for a Portland book store.

image on left: David Levy and in middle: Ben Carmichael photographs owners Samantha Hoyt Lindgren and Don Lindgren.

I discovered India Flint and imagined heading to Australia for one of her workshops where she teaches her work with plant dyes.

image: via Stitch1Peta

image: via The Workroom

image: via The Workroom

I spent more than my fairshare of time looking through this flickr site and this blog: Agence Eureka

I think this is a wacky DIY - How to (Safely) Dye your Poodle.

Blog of the week is Lisa Congdon - Today is Going to be Awesome. I love following her 365 Days of Hand Lettering.

Here's the letter from Day 14. The Letter M.