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5 mins in the world of...Bre from Scout & Catalogue

During a year living in Mexico Scout & Catalogue was born out of the desire to live a simpler, more balanced life. While we no longer live in a little house with a view of the sea Scout & Catalogue continues to be influenced by the sweet pleasures south of the border(s). Scout & Catalogue is heavily influenced by the bohemian beach culture of Mexico. We strive to make pieces that remind you of afternoons at secret beaches, sun kissed skin, and all day siestas.

1. Describe yourself in 5 words:
Dreamer, Worrier, Traveler, Nail Biter

2. A moment that changed my life is:
Quitting my full-time job and moving to Mexico - a country I had only ever visited once before.

3. What 5 things during your lifetime do you want to do?
I am an avid goal setter and plan maker so I have way more on my list than 5 things to do. A few I can think of are:
1) Keep growing my business - it's a different adventure every day and you never know where it will take you next.
2) Travel to South America and India
3) Start a family
4) Own a home
5) Remember to enjoy the present no matter how far ahead I look...

4. Things you are passionate about…can't live without…things that rock your world…

5. Any new projects you’d like to share with us?
I'm currently developing the Scout & Catalogue Spring 2012 collection. Everything is a bit of a blur at the moment but I will be working with some new fabrics - silks, jersey's and fine wool. As well I'll be testing a printed silk scarf to change things up from my usual hand dyeing.

10. The book you’re reading right now is:
I've been doing some rereading this winter. I just finished Jane Eyre which I haven't read since high school and now have picked up East of Eden which grabs you from the moment you crack it open.

13. Besides your home country, what is your favorite country?
Probably any country in Western Europe. Wait, was I supposed to say Mexico?! It's a close runner up...

14. Where in the world you have always wanted to visit?
Buenos Aires.

image: Brian Negin

15. You just won the lottery – woohoo! – and you want to travel, where would you go?
Luckily for me my boyfriend works for an airline so we're able to travel to most destinations in the world for almost nothing. We have a list on our wall of the places we still haven't been to together that reads : Buenos Aires, India, Berlin, anywhere in Italy, Peru, Morocco, Paris, Tulum. If I won the lottery maybe we could knock all of them off our list in one go.

16. If you could leave on a trip in 2 hours, where would you go, how would you get there and what would you pack?
Because we always fly standby this is most often how our trips begin - looking at our days off, looking at what flights have seats available and then making some quick decisions. Considering it's January and we now live in Toronto I would choose to go to a Mexican beach with nothing but my carry-on duffel and a good book.

Thanks, Bre! (oh, and your new silk prints are awesome, by the way!)

image: here

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