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Amy Rice, dottie angel and the case of the printed map poster.

Well, Tif (dottie angel) tweeted and I checked out Hubert and in her post I noticed just a tad of a poster. I googled a bit of the phrase to see if I could find the artist and finally tweeted Tif and she sent me the info.

This morning I saw the poster again on the UPPERCASE blog. (Tif holding said poster at The Creative Connection - photo credit: Janine)

The one I really want so happens to have the similar saying as Tif's but a background map of Western Canada. (I didn't want to post it but you can see it here)

You can find out more about Amy Rice and her work and check out her other art delights and posters in a few spots - here + here.

...and by the way - You can meet Tif tommorrow in Seattle and she will sign your book for you. (Did you know you get a special little envelope with each book? I may have told you this.)

Here are the deets.