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Global Country Capture: India

Maciej Dakowicz (born 1976) is a Polish street photographer, photojournalist and gallerist. The photography of Dacowicz makes you deeply feel the emotions of a location.

He is one of my favorite travel photographers of all time as he photographs real life in a way that makes you see, feel and understand the culture of a place.

Here are some photos from his collection of his time in India.

Red Thread Collective - Barb Mullen is a maker and teacher of traditional textile techniques.

Quilted saris from Tribes and Nations - (really great price)

Old Indian Photos - Historical Old Photographs of the Indian Subcontinent - a grand collection!

Vintage Bollywood posters from Old Indian Arts.

EmersonMade's India Collection.

The textiles from John Robshaw - India

Artist - Alexander Calder - in India 1955
images: Archives of American Art

Sapna Chhitta Tamburello came to the first Ace Camp in Baja, Mexico with Sabrina Ward Harrison.
These are some her wedding photos - aren't they absolutely lovely! (Thank you so much Sapna for letting me show everyone!)

Photo credit: Mimmo Galati from Mimmo & Naz

Sapna Chhitta Tamburello + Andrew Tamburello

Sapna's quote for above photo: "Family in reality... please note my unbeatable control over my husband, with the right hand grip, father with the left hand grip and brother with my steadfast gaze, its how I run a tight ship."

Sapna has a blog called Success is a State of Mind and is a freelance designer/writer who most recently wrote an DIY article in Pure Green Living Magazine.
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