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Angela searches the world wide web - September 16, 2011

My favorite photo this week came from Rob Nickel via flickr. The caption below the photo read - "New neighbors - I'll have to invite them over for a BBQ soon".

In recent years Jockum Nordstrom has become one of Sweden’s most noted and sought after artists.

A renaissance man who makes furniture, designs carpets, illustrates children’s books (including the popular Swedish series Sailor and Pekka), designs album covers, constructs architectural models, and makes animated films.

Free embroidery downloads from Elsa Mora.

Finnish artist and designer Klaus Haapaniemi has collaborated with designer Mia Wallenius to create an unique range of textiles. They used pure and luxurious materials, such as wool, silk and linen and have combined traditional weaving techniques with modern prints and sophisticated colours. Haapaniemi has created prints for Diesel, Levi’s Cacharel, Clements Ribeiro and Marimekko.

Tumblr of the week: Old Chum

I have this "thing" for lanterns.

photo credit: Eric Flexyourhead (seriously, that's his name)
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