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Angela searches the world wide web - September 10, 2011

Peter is riding in the Grand Fondo today which is a cycling race from Vancouver to Whistler. He's the guy on the oldest bike, with the oldest jersey eating Fig Newtons for energy. I'm proud of him though as he geeked his back a week ago and didn't think he make the ride.

So my searches this week I found:

Change your photos from new to old super easily with this website. Below image from Slim Aarons - who's photography is incred-o. No one is called "Slim" anymore.

Check out this photo shoot from Fashion Gone Rogue.

Prints from Baron Wells.

This weeks blog pick - Surrounded by Colour by Paulina - music and art-obsessed Polish girl living in Dubai.

Maria Alexandra Vettese works in art direction, styling, design and photography and is also half of 3191 Miles Apart with Stephanie Congdon Barnes (Lisa's sister).
Maria collaborated with ChellisWilson to produce these fab-o scarves along with a book which are for sale.

Hipster Ipsum to use for your next project.

Angela Ritchie