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Angela searches the world wide web - August 27, 2011

The shape of some things.

I'm not really sure why I went off in a tangent of shapes but the process started to escalate until I finally found a photo
to finish with - a square watermelon.

I could have gone on and on once I found the watermelon and into the world of square fruits and vegetables but I stopped
there before I got too carried away.
The elephant on the trampoline has nothing to do with anything.

Needlework from At Swim Two Birds

Photography for Japan Vogue from Arthur Elgort

Louis Reith is a graphic designer based in Amsterdam.
Crop Circles

Triangle + Square

The foreclosure quilt work of Kathryn Clark.

Lena Wolff - The Paper Quilt Project.

Catherine Ulitsky

Land art from Iran by Tara & Atefeh

A sundog Image: C. Leight

A square watermelon