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Angela searches the world wide web - August 22, 2011

This week I explored the world of craft-art, print making and found a Canadian artist who's art I admire.
Learning about Elly MacKay and her work set me off into finding out more about tunnel books but that's a whole story for later.

Elly MacKay - makes her images by inking yupo paper and cutting it into layers that she sets up in a miniature theater.
She plays with the lights and filters to create atmosphere and then photographs the scenes.

Elly is a Canadian living in Owen Sound, Ontario. She went to the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and the University of
Canterbury for illustration, printmaking and electronic art.
She apends a great deal of time making tunnel books. You can find out more about her art and process here.

Lambert is male and sews everything by hand. He says he's "French by birth and Brooklynite by home".
I think his pieces are works of classic works of folk art.

Mociun Hand Printed Fabric Yardage

Caitlin Mociun was born the daughter of seafaring Tony Mociun and pedagogical Jillian Mociun, and the sister of quiet Jonah
Mociun. At a young age she developed an intense fear of coyotes and spent large amounts of time pretending to be an appaloosa.
Well, how's that for an opening to a Bio? See more of her print work here and check out her tumblr page.

You can have your own designs printed at Spoonflower.
...or you can grab a potato :) and print some patterns like these:

images found here and here

Here are some printing books you might like from Chronicle Books and Lena Corwin.