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Angela searches the world wide web - August 1, 2011

1. Learn how to make an animated gif at Say Yes to Hoboken
2, 3, 4. Buy cool Japanese products at Uguisu. 5. Image of Jane Cabrera by Mary Finlayson in Sweden at Camilla Engman's Ace Camp 6. Cxxvi Clothing (website and graphics: for men) 7. The breakfast room at The Ace Hotel - Portland 8. Ricketts Indigo Farming 9. Illustration by Machteld Hardick

10. The photography of Marissa Crawford

11. The iced tea popsicle recipe on Hilda Grahnat's blog.

12. Awesome People Hanging Out Together - top left: Erroll Flynn + Brigitte Bardot, top right: Julie Andrews, Alfred Hitchcock + Paul Newman bottom left: Andy Warhol + Mick Jagger, bottom right: Marlene Dietrich + Edith Piaf

13. Have you heard of Caillou Boats? 14. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to meet Fanny Bostrom Gentle when she went to Morocco this spring as Natalie who writes The Travel Stylist was the tour director on that journey. Fanny seems so interesting, I would have loved to chat with her. A renaissance girl for sure. She is an illustrator, painter, ceramicist and jewelry designer. Her handmade line of accessories, Folki, is available only at Anthropologie. You can purchase her work right here. Fanny and her husband Bill were featured in The Selby - their home is awesome.