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This is it!
The new website and the new blog.

Finally. I know. :)

It was suppose to be launched last August but my site designer was dealing with some very personal matters so I took it over to try to finish on my own. Not having any website html experience it was painstaking to learn but, whatever...I did.

I am still working on it so please excuse the mess while I figure out a few things.

There are some new pages for you to look at:

1. The FAQS page will answer some of the most often asked questions.

2. There is a new and improved Ace Camp Gallery. Alot of the photos need to be credited...I'm working on it...and thanks to everyone who contributed photos because your photos are most awesome!

3. I moved my blog over and even added a RSS (which is a miracle for me)
Sign up, add it to your reader and follow me checking out the world for cool stuff. I'd be most happy if you did.

4. When I moved the blog to the new site all of the images didn't come along. Rather than resizing all of them to fit the new site I just grabbed a few that I liked and I'll go from there.

5. Yes, there is weird code between the videos and for the life of me I can't figure out how to hide it. If you know I will honor the answer with good wishes and much, much gratitude - and I thank you ahead of time.

6. If there is anything missing here can you please let me know because I'd like this site to be fun for you.

I am waiting for the NEW LOGO to be finished, well...started actually but have one of the best lined up to design.

Ta. Da.

Let your adventures begin.