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Sherri Lynn Wood

I noticed a quilt and went on a search to find out the artist/designer and found Sherri Lynn Wood.  There was something gentle about her website and it was the post I read about Mending Together at the Harvey Milk Centre that lead to find out more.  

For starters, this is what her bio says:

Sherri Lynn Wood combines her knowledge of craft, social practice, and systems-centered theory to reacquaint people with personal agency, community, love and the basic skills of living. She has been making quilts since 1988 and is the developer of Passage Quilting, an effective, hands-on, bereavement process utilizing improvisational quilt making and the clothing of the beloved. An artist, healer, and quilt maker based in San Francisco with Masters degrees in Fine Arts (sculpture) from Bard College and Theological Studies from Emory University.  

Sherri conducted a free mending, darning, knitting and crocheting at the Harvey Milk Center in San Francisco. This workshop was part of the How-to-Homestead 11 in 11 Tour - which is another cool thing to check in on. The workshop included a potluck, a short film on how to homestead and square dancing with the Stairwell Sisters.

She also participates with YOSS.  What's YOSS you ask - why, it's Year of Stash Socks – 2011! Here's their tagline - "Have you ever wanted to be a part of a luxury yarn sock club?" Well, if that doesn't lure you in...

The rules are simple:
1. Knit one or all of the socks/mittens of the month as determined by your friendly moderators. You have an entire month. (You can start on them at midnight on day one.)
2. Finish the pair during that month.
3. All yarn used must come from your stash (that’s the whole point!).
4. Post a photo when you’re done and tell us about it.

Sherri works with others to make transitional, community and bereavement quilts.


That's why Sherri Lynn Wood is a noteable person in our world.