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Angela searches the world wide web - December 17, 2011

Hello + welcome to the December 17th finds.

Starting off this week with Dietlind Wolf. She is a stylist and visual designer from Hamburg, Germany. To me she takes on a very euro approach to her photo styling. I find the dishes and food refreshing to look at - something different for sure.

image credit - here

color - stylingconcept + package design - dietlind wolf / food - marion swoboda / photo - thomas neckermann

Tumblr of the week goes to Tulipan. Check out the carosel dress. Oh my...would love to wear that to a party.

I really liked the creative photos on the blog My Mobil Home.

I thought this sketch book by Danielle Kroll was awesome. You can see more of the book over on the website Book by its Cover.

You've heard of 101 Cookbooks, right? Heidi Swanson started the popular natural food cooking website back in 2005 and has since become one of the best natural food sites on the internet. On top of writing two great cookbooks Heidi has a section on her site about travel where she shares her thoughts on where to eat (natural healthy food) and what she saw while visiting certain cities.

Here are a few photos she took while visiting Paris and Rome - and have a look here for a download of some recipes from one of her books - oh, and check this out - Healthy Eating while Traveling. (Read the comments on the post - great advice shared there as well)

Refreshing to see the dishes Heidi uses in her photos. This photo she uses when she shares her recipe for Ginger Soba Noodles.

Over at the Madewell tumblr I found these ornaments called Stellated Octahedron Ornaments. The directions on the site were quite vague so here's a link to a video.

Spotted on Frolic...I noticed this most wonderful photo shoot in Oregon. This shoot was for the 2nd Issue of Kinfolk Magazine (as you know one of my favs). I love the cape, the lace and the Hudson Bay blanket.