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Andean Folk Knitting

In most of the Andes, only men wear the knit caps or chullos, except for a couple of places where little girls wear a ruffled version. Men often knit the caps for themselves and their sons, using a set of five very thin double-pointed needles.

Kate Davies from Needled + Textisles creates some of the most interesting knitting patterns. I love that she prefers to work with breed specific wools, that her dog is called Bruce, her cat is called Jesus, and that she mentions of her site where to go in Scotland.

If you like this pattern you can purchase it on Kate's website - here. Photos used by permission from Kate Davies.

You know about Ravelry, right?

Find vintage knitting patterns at Purple Cow Vintage Patterns.

I rather covet this bathing suit pattern and if I start now I may have it finished by the summer. Maybe.

Love the patterns from Tiny Owl Magic Attic. Love.