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Angela searches the world wide web - December 10, 2011

Tumblr - BKFST (or Breakfast) by Diana Moss who authors one of my fav blogs: Miss Moss + Catherine Green of another fav-o blog: Wolf Eyebrows.

...and good morning to Saturday and Angela searches the world wide web!

lorena*arance/Island Menu/Sheronster/Always With Butter (I included the recipe here because the Blueberry Dutch Pancakes looked so darn good I think I'm going to make them this morning.)

Sheena over at The Little Red House baked up some cookies - Snowballs. She has a cute blog with some pretty great photos.
I found some crochet snowflakes that I thought quite nice.

Itchin' Stitchin' / The Philadelphia Studio

I loved that dottie angel is sharing "peachy" tutorials in her series - "12 Days of Joyfulness"

Day One - "A Terribly Nice Table Runner"

Day Two - "Happy Hangers of Joyfullness"

Head over to her website as it's sure to bring you joy. Right here.

Remember a while ago I posted a Kickstarter video called Put the "School" back in Art School Girl that Amy Rowan - AKA Art School Girl created to help fund the Ace Camp in Sweden with Camilla Engman. She is just about ready to send out the package for all those who contributed - check out the awesomeness that Amy has created. So proud of you, Amy! - and SO very happy you had a great experience in Sweden. Amy explains the meaning behind her hand inked print over here.

image: Susan Kropp
image: Joe Dawson

Post of the week goes to The Jealous Curator because that is where I first discovered the work of Maria Aparicio Puentes. Good find, Danielle!

Artist of the week - Mixed media + etched work by Mekhala Bahl.

Ok...I'm sneaking in another tumblr - These Tings Take Time - (could not for the life of me find photo credits...if you are the photographer and want taken down please let me know...)

Photo of the week - or rather, photos...

Edouard Boubat


from Sheena - The Little Red House - her photo of her daughter.

...and that does it for another week.