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Angela searches the world wide web - October 21, 2011

The London Street Photography Festival

The International Street Photography Award is looking for exceptional, international photographers that display a unique style and depth of work in the genre of street photography. The genre crosses over into portraiture, documentary and art photography, You can enter for 2012 - the deadline for applications is the 5th of January 2012.

image: Philip Cheung was a runner up in the festival competition but this was my favorite photo - a boy plays in a puddle beside the Tigris River in Diyarbakir, Southeastern Turkey.

I also liked this one in Turkey of kids swimming at the pool and the one below with female students from Bethlehem enjoying a ride at the Spanish Park in downtown Jericho.

Jillian Tamaki's monster quilt. Remember the embroidered covers for Penguin called Penguin Threads? They were all over the internet for a while - have you seen Jillian's monster quilt? So awesome.XXXXXXXXXXXXX - you have to ask permission to use photos

I just might try this project. Over at Mister Crew I noticed this moccasin making article.

Tumblr of the week: Mr Darcy is my Hero

...and now I'm off to an Ace Camp in the Baja. :)