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Angela searches the world wide web - October 15, 2011

The photo below was taken by Richard Barnes and is part of a series where he documented the flight patterns of starlings. Might be old news but my pick for photo of the week. I wonder what's happening in the dark areas of the photo - alot of wing jockey-ing for position I'm sure...break free little starlings, break free...

I also liked this photo of Bob Dylan. (photographer, tumblr)

My website pick of the week is Sri Threads. As I am a textile fanatic...shall we say... I find the website very informative and interesting and I can learn about the various dyeing techniques, printing techniques and more - for instance here is a sample of Bingata: Okinawan Stencil Dyeing.

You can find out more about this beautiful graphic under kimono designed with the technique called Shirokage.

Sri Threads features textiles from Japan as well as India. Here is an example of ralli which is made from cloth remnants.

Tumblr this week: Beatpie (and I love her blog as well) Beatpie is where I discovered this photo she found by daveza. I think Beatpie is authored by a woman - hard to tell when there is no information...I'm pretty sure it is, though.

Always a fan of kilts I love discovering this website - and of course the fab-o Sartorialist shooting his street style of the two girls.

image 1 + image 2

Create your own...of the week: (aka DIY) ta da - home stages and movie screens. (1st photo: PLMKIY = please let me know if yours - 2nd photo: Tim Walker

To finish off - a little vid of cycling in the 50's in Holland. (It's 5 minutes - a bit long but spend a minute or two watching the fab-o bikes)