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Angela searches the world wide web - October 1, 2011

It's only Tuesday and I think my post is filled for this week. Sometimes you just get on a roll and find a slew of inspiration. (Correction: I added something on Friday at the bottom - the inspiration continues...)

First up - photo of the week is from Eddy and Edwina by Karin Kramer from Germany. (Am I into flowers right now - I'd have to say yes. Flowers mixed with plaid, let's say, or leather - something tougher as a contrast - yes, I'm into flowers with a strong contrast and this photo spoke to me this week)

I was really inspired by Flora Douville this week. She's a photographer, illustrator and blogger from Paris, France who also likes to create quiet spaces.

I spent far too long checking out Flora's etsy favorites which to me helps to better explain the core of a person - what they like for their house, what inspires them, colors that they are drawn to, etc. I'm sure if you head over to etsy and find an artist you like and check out their favorites you'll discover a whole lot more interesting people and get lost for a moment just as I did.

Orange is the Sun


The Good Machinery

There is something, just something about this pom pom from PomLove.

Tumblr of the week - Daily Alexa Chung + Madewell. (a favorite clothing store/a favorite designer)

I loved discovering Phillipe Halsman's Jumpology photographs. Here are a few - click on the link and see the rest. Fun.

He went on to publish a book called Philippe Halsman’s Jump Book in 1959, which contained further discussion of jumpology and 178 photographs of celebrity jumpers. Some of these images can be viewed amongst his other work below.

Amy Borrell designed these posters featured on her blog - Cake with Giants. I think it's a poster - called Constellations - a night sky of imagined constellations.

The Vancouver store called Marche St. George is worth a visit. You can buy cool things like this shawl from Oaxaca as well as great food.

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