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Learn Shibori and indigo dyeing with this Ace Camps Workshop in Fujino, Japan November 17 - 28, 2019. Click here to learn more!


Indigo Shibori Workshop Jujino Japan Trip 2019

Located in the beautiful mountain village of Fujino, just outside of Tokyo, this 12 day Ace Camp is a master class introduction to Japanese textiles with a focus on indigo dyeing using shibori techniques and katazome stenciling. This workshop is perfect for designers, crafters and anyone who enjoys or wants to learn about stitching and dyeing. For those individuals considering setting up an indigo vat at home, this is an excellent opportunity to learn to make and maintain a “non-fermented” indigo vat. The material covered in the workshop is also a hands-on introduction into Japanese culture in general. The ideas and technical approaches to textile work share the same ethics and standards as Japanese artistic disciplines. 

For inspiration we'll head to Folkcraft Museum in Tokyo, this is the place to get back to the source of where everything Japanese derives. Understanding the origins of Japanese crafts, feeling and absorbing the subtle seasonal nuances will give you further insight into all things Japanese.

Japanese Textiles are fascinating in their precise structures, complex techniques and aesthetic sophistication. At the farmhouse you will have access to hundreds of textile-related books and examples of traditional Japanese textiles. Join us on this unmissable adventure. 

This Ace Camp includes:

  • 11 nights* (based on shared occupancy)

  • 11 breakfasts

  • 11 lunches

  • 9 dinners

  • A guided tour of the Tokyo Folk Craft Museum

  • Katazome Stencil workshop with 7th generation Katazome Master

  • Home cooked meals

  • Transport during workshop

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Transportation to central Tokyo can be made from either Haneda Airport or Narita Airport via limo bus, train and private shuttle. More detailed travel arrival information will be sent after your registration.


Spring is an exciting season in Japan, with sakura (cherry blossoms), new budding leaves and plenty of beautiful things to see. In April there are more and more warm days. Average temperatures range from 55°F to 70°F. Daytime temperatures are almost always moderate, but the evenings are often cooler in the hillside towns.


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Nota Bene: this is a prospective itinerary. It is subject to modifications, dependent on local weather, new opportunities and the desires of the group.

Japan Trip 2019 Workshop