Camilla Engman

We are heading back to GOTEBORG, SWEDEN for the 3rd year to join CAMILLA ENGMAN in her studio to learn the art of making different backgrounds and textures and to sketch and paint. 

The group will be staying at HOTEL FLORA and will have time to explore Goteburg together and on their own. Camilla will lead a 4 day workshop and take us to her inspirational places in GOTEBURG. This Ace Camp will include an excursion to the west coast archipelago and the town of MARSTAND where you will collect your imagery in sketchbooks and transform them into a painting in a new studio, a visit to Goteborg's Botanical Garden and The Goteborg Museum of Natural History.


MARSTRAND is a wonderful summer's paradise with a wide range of beaches, nature scenes, cultural experiences, outdoor life, cafes, sailboards, rare pink lilies and a "magical forest". Your sketches can be the nature, the architecture, words or anything you find interesting. 

Breakfast at Hotel Flora with 2011 participants. Image: Amy Rowan

Breakfast at Hotel Flora with 2011 participants.

Image: Amy Rowan

Notes from Camilla: 

You will probably not bring home any masterpieces after this workshop, that is not the purpose. Instead I hope to give you inspiration, inspiration to try something new and maybe even find something new (in your working self). The best scenario will be that you find a way of working that you didn't have before. I'll show you ways I use to get started. I've always been a creative person, sometimes I've felt very inspired and ready to create. But then when I want to get started I have no idea how to. So I've been looking for a way that would work, a way to get started when you have the inspiration but don't know what to do with it. 

For me, the working part has always been more important then the finished artwork. I love to work - paint/draw/cut. But I also have to admit I don't like to work in vain. So I have to either learn something or to like the finale. In that way this way of creating never fails me. Something always happens. Be aware, there are no shortcuts though. I have to start from the beginning and work myself through it. With an open mind and eye, and with no judgement. I try to use my gut and my heart and very little brain. By just finding a little thing that I like and to start from that and then just play around. Not trying to do anything specific except enjoying the work process. Nothing is wrong so you can't fail. Hopefully in the end you've found something to work with or at least got some inspiration. 

Another way to get motivated is to change material, your medium and/or the size of your canvas or illustration. 

We will explore all possibilities.


CAMILLA ENGMAN grew up in a small Swedish town named Trollhättan. This is where she began looking at life from a perspective that most of us see only momentarily, and just a few are able to record. Camilla practised her skills at the Dome Art School and later at the School of Design and Craft, Gothenburg University, where she acquired a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Often through animals or people, Camilla’s pictures inspire their audience with a wide range of feelings. Her work has a knack of allowing you to grasp a notion without robbing you of your personal interpretation, regardless of whether it’s an acrylic painting, paper-on-paper or mixed media. 


This past year was Morran last. Camilla started a blog for Morran called Studio Morran and asked that artists contribute illustration of Morran. She has put together a book of all the illustrations for sale here. All the money from the sale of the book goes to the World Society for the Protection of Animals (Sweden). 

Published by UPPERCASE - The Suitcase Series presents in glorious detail the lives of artists and designers from around the world. See Camilla's book HERE

She has been featured on many websites and publications such as FORM MAGAZINETHE JEALOUS CURATORPOKETODÉCOR8BOOK-BY-ITS-COVERSFGIRLBYBAY and many more.




Sunday, May 13th 

Travel Day 

Arrive in Goteborg and go to Hotel Flora for check in. Depending on arrival times we will meet and head out to a café or restaurant to get to know each other. Hotel Flora is conveniently located close to food markets, restaurants and shopping. 

Monday, May 14th 
Morning is free - we are located close to shopping should you wish or relax. The group will meet in the lobby for breakfast. We will meet Camilla after lunch at 12:30 and head to the Botanical Gardens for preliminary sketching, head for coffee in Haga and a walk to Camilla's personal studio. Bring all your supplies. After a visit to Camilla's studio we head out to a Swedish pub for Swedish food and beverages. 

Tuesday, May 15th 
Meet after breakfast at 9:30am to head to the studio. Lunch is at the studio. 

Wednesday, May 16th 
Meet after breakfast at 9:30am to head to the studio. Lunch is at the studio. 

Thursday, May 17th 
We meet after breakfast and travel to Marstrand as a group and spend the day sketching, collecting and exploring. Lunch in a cafe on the island. 

image: Jenny Kalpinski - participant 2011 - MARSTRAND 

Friday, May 18th 
Meet after breakfast at 9:30am to head to the studio. Lunch is at the studio. 

Saturday, May 19th 
Free Day to explore Goteborg - head out to the shops, visit thrift stores or venture to a museum. We can discuss the possibilities with Camilla and you can spend the day with others or on your own - should you wish. 
5:00pm We head to the studio for a group exhibit, cocktails and final dinner. (This is always a fun night!) 

Sunday, May 20th 
Travel Day 

The itinerary may be subject to change depending on the weather or whims of the group. 

Top images: image: Anna Harlan - Camilla Engman + Mary Finlayson at Botanical Gardens, Goteborg 2011 

This workshop includes:

  • 4 day workshop with Camilla Engman
  • 6 nights accommodation at Hotel Flora in Goteborg, Sweden (based on double occupancy)
  • 6 breakfasts
  • 4 lunches
  • Final night dinner and cocktail party.
  • Entrance fees to Natural History Museum + Botanical Gardens.

You will be sent a list of supplies to bring upon registration.

Workshop is limited to 10 people. This workshop will fill quickly.

Fee: $1695.00 - airfare is not included 
Deposit: $900.00 - due when place in workshop is confirmed. 
Final payment: $895.00 - due