Explore Havana, Cuba with Ace Camps this November 2019. Learn about the history, arts, and culture of Cuba during your 6-day adventure. Read On!



About the trip:

Cuba is an enigma; magnificent but crumbling, determined, layered, gritty and simply complex. For the greater part of the last century, the country has been shrouded in mystery, intrigue, and nostalgia, but there is an undeniable pulse about it, a heartbeat. Today, Havana is the center of the nation’s busy political, scientific and cultural life. Museums, theatres and concert halls, art galleries and cultural institutions are popular venues, while some—such as the National Ballet of Cuba, House of the Américas, Foundation of New Latin American Film and National Folkloric Dance Group—have won international acclaim. 

Arriving in Havana is like stepping out of a time-machine and finding yourself back in the 50’s, surrounded by the slightly faded beauty and elegance of the crumbling colonial facades that have hardly changed since Hemingway strolled the elegant boulevards and narrow cobbled streets.  The unmistakeable aromas will capture your senses; tropical papaya mixed with tobacco leaf, musty carpets and petrol. Live music on the streets and in the restaurants is the norm, with people spontaneously dancing anywhere and everywhere. The city is alive, at all hours of the day, filled with life and colour. 

We will explore the magical culture of this country by spending our time wandering the streets of the bustling capitol, strolling through lush tobacco fields, sipping mojitos, riding around in vintage cars and learning about local cuisine during our cooking class.

 *For all US residents + US Passport holders - we have worked with our partners to ensure our final itinerary is compliant with US law under the "educational activities/people-to-people" permitted reason of travel to Cuba. 

Havana Cuba 2018 Trip

This Ace Camp includes:

  • 5 nights* (based on shared occupancy)

  • 5 breakfasts

  • 4 lunches

  • 3 dinners

  • 4 days of locally guided tours

  • Havana Walking tour

  • Vinales tobacco farm tour

  • Vintage Car driving tour

  • Cuban cooking class

  • Salsa Dance Lesson

  • Organic farm lunch

  • Admission and tour fees - local museums

  • Tips - Guides

  • Airport arrival transfer

*Rooms are shared with one other person.  Unfortunately, there is no opportunity for single rooms.

This Ace Camp is limited to 10 people.

Airfare not included.

We’re just finishing up all the details for our 2019 trip to Cuba, If you would like to be the first to know please add your email address to our early notification list by clicking the button below.

Cuba Trip 2018 Havana


- It is important to note that Cuba tends to be quite different to other areas of the world you may have travelled in. Buildings and infrastructure are generally old and may not have been maintained to the highest standard. Elevators, internet and A/C may not be available, things happen very slowly and water pressure and hot water can be minimal. Cuba is an amazing place to visit but to fully enjoy and relax, western expectations should be left at home and your sense of adventure should be your guide. 

- You are required to get a TOURIST VISA for this Ace Camp. 

- Foreign visitors wishing to travel to Cuba should be in possession of valid national passports valid for at least 190 days.

- We are not able to handle all specific dietary requirements on this trip. Vegetarian options will be avaialble only when possible.

Traditional Cuban cooking is primarily peasant cuisine that has little concern with measurements, order and timing. A majority of the dishes are sautéed or slow-cooked over a low flame. Most Cuban cooking relies on a few basic spices, such as garlic, cumin, oregano, and bay laurel leaves. Many dishes use a sofrito as their basis. Sofrito, used as the basis for seasoning in many dishes, consists of onion, green pepper, garlic, oregano, and ground pepper quick-fried in olive oil. The sofrito is what gives certain foods their distinctive flavor. 

THE PLACES YOU WILL VISIT...the things you'll do.

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (The National Museum of Fine Arts) – Artists to look out for are Guillermo Collazo, considered to be the first truly great Cuban artist; Rafael Blanco with his cartoonlike paintings and sketches; Ral Martnez, a master of 1960s Cuban pop art; and the Picasso-like Wilfredo Lam.

Ruta del Tobaco – A slice of paradise in the Valley of Silence, this is where the finest cigars in the world are rolled. 

Malecón – Long a favored meeting place for assorted lovers, philosophers, poets, traveling minstrels, fisherfolk and wistful Florida-gazers, the Malecón's atmosphere is most potent at sunset when the weak yellow light from creamy Vedado filters like a dim torch onto the buildings of Centro Habana, lending their dilapidated facades a distinctly ethereal quality.


ACE CAMPS administration will email you when it is time to make your travel arrangements. This email will always be sent 60 days or more before your trip departs unless you book within 60 prior to the camp. 

You will be picked up from José Martí International Airport and taken to our Casa in Havana Vieja.

There will be no refunds for this Ace Camp due to the planning and logistics involved.


Located close to the Tropic of Cancer, Havana has a typical subtropical climate, with a wet season in the summer and a dry season in the winter. Due to moderating trade winds, average temperatures do not fluctuate as much as rainfall does, making Havana a warm place to visit any time of year. 

November is generally a very pleasant month to visit the country as daytime highs average around 26C and lows around 16C. This month brings the end of the rainy season, but it is advisable to pack an umbrella or rain jacket just incase.


The ACE CAMP TOUR LEADER is a part of your group and are there to look out for your safety, to help resolve issues, and to make sure you get what you want from your vacation. The Tour Leader will make sure that everyone who wants company has it, including dinners when no group meal is scheduled.

They also work with the local guides to insure the right combination of pace, information, and duration - and, well...keep the ball rolling.


Havana Cuba


We’re just finishing up all the details for our 2019 trip to Cuba, If you would like to be the first to know please add your email address to our early notification list by clicking the button below.

Nota Bene: this is a prospective itinerary. It is subject to modest modifications, dependent on local weather, new opportunities and the desires of the group.

Cuba 2018 Trip Havana